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Summer – Understanding a TCM perspective. By Scott Stephens, Acupuncturist

Summer is on its way. The lengthening of the late afternoon sunlight and the warmth in the morning air signalling it’s approach. The days are full of the pre-Christmas hustle. The buzz of social activities and a sense of celebration gives fuel to the upbeat Yang dynamic that marks this next change of season. It’s easy […]

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Chinese Face Reading

Chinese Face Reading by Andrea Murphy, Registered Acpuncturist

 Chinese Face Reading: An Ancient Guide to Your Skin Face reading is an ancient Chinese technique that goes back thousands of years. Originally a Taoist practice that involved assessing a person’s Qi flow (life force), Jing (inherited constitution/DNA) and Shen (spirit), known as the Three Treasures. Along with palpation, pulse, tongue and smell ancient practitioners were […]

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Neck Pain – How, Why and What You Can Do – by Scott Stephens, Acupuncturist

I would hazard a guess that most readers of this blog have experienced neck pain. Neck pain is a common hindrance amongst the general population and a regular complaint that crops up time and time again in clinic. For most people the experience of neck pain is sudden and acute and resolves effectively with treatment […]

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Five Element Acupuncture. What is it? By Kerry Marshall, Licensed Acupucnturist

“Nothing on earth or within the universe is unrelated to the Five Elements and Man (Woman) is no exception.” – (Ling Shu, ancient text Han dynasty) I am a nature lover and was attracted to Five Element teachings as it sung to my tune of observing human emotions and health with the expressions of the […]

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No really, Chocolate is good for you! – Dr. Travis Clarke (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

No really, Chocolate is good for you! I’m sure you’ve heard it all before.  Media stories reporting on how science has confirmed that chocolate is good for our health.  Well my friends, I’m here to confirm that for you.  Yes, chocolate really is good for us.  Not commercially processed and produced chocolate, full of sugar […]

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